Book Author Guidelines 

General Guidelines for Book Queries: You may submit a query letter, and if our editors consider your topic a fit for our current publishing plans, we will be in touch to request your manuscript and proposal documents. Please be aware that we do not accept submissions that have been simultaneously submitted to other publishers. We do our best to respond within 8-10 weeks of initial submission of a query letter. May God bless you and your work for his Church!

What should I know about OSV?

OSV is the country’s largest not-for-profit Catholic publishing company. It was founded in 1912 by Father John Noll to “serve the Church.” Today, OSV publishes a newspaper, periodicals, religious education materials, pamphlets, and books. We publish about 40 new titles a year while maintaining a robust backlist.

We publish our books in two seasons: spring and fall. The bulk of our sales are to distributors (web and print), bookstores, parishes, schools, and individual consumers. Our primary audience is North America. A copy of our book catalog can be obtained by writing to OSV Book Marketing Department, 200 Noll Plaza, Huntington, IN, 46750, or emailing

What kinds of books are of interest to OSV?

We are particularly interested in the following categories:

  • Spiritual Growth, Devotionals, and Prayer Books: Books that accompany readers on their spiritual journey and offer unique, practical insights for growing in friendship with God, especially through prayer and the sacraments
  • Scripture: Books from experts about how to read, understand, pray, and apply Scripture, as well as Bible studies
  • Marriage, Parenting, and Family: Books that reflect on the nature of marriage and practical books on marriage prep, parenting, and Catholic family life
  • Biographies: Informative and inspiring biographies of saints and other key figures in the Church's history
  • History: Informative, unique histories related to the Catholic Church, especially in the United States
  • Faith and Culture: Books about the intersection of faith and contemporary culture
  • Evangelization, Apologetics, and Catechetics: Books that help readers explain, defend and share the Faith with others
  • Parish and Pastoral Ministry: Books that help pastors, leaders and parishioners conduct parish life more effectively, and books that can provide comfort and guidance for Catholics seeking help and healing in times of difficulty

We are also actively seeking submissions for our children’s book imprint, OSV Kids. We consider board books for infants and toddlers, picture books for younger readers (ages 3 - 6), short chapter books for middle grade readers (ages 7 - 10), and works of interest to tweens and young teens.

We do not publish fiction or poetry.

Why should I publish with OSV?

OSV is dedicated to publishing books that accompany Catholics on their walk with God, wherever they are in their faith journey. We are always interested in partnering with authors who can join us in our mission to serve the Church by serving her individual members. We reach a national Catholic audience through our many periodicals, and we continue to be a trusted resource for Catholics who want to know, live, and love their Faith more fully. We take our mission seriously, and we hope you will consider joining us in our efforts to serve the Church.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.