The Deacon is a bimonthly magazine that serves permanent deacons and deacon candidates as they serve the Church by helping them foster intimate communion with Christ the Servant. Through a cultivation of the interior life, which leads to effective ministry, The Deacon contributes to the mission of the Church by making present the totus Christus (the “whole Christ”) to the world. 

The Deacon seeks to build a community of men on fire for the diaconate through quality content that forms, informs and inspires. 

Radiating joy, The Deacon is a trustworthy resource that accompanies deacons, deacon candidates and deacon directors as they live out, learn about and support diaconal ministry.

The Deacon accepts submissions of articles that seek to form, inform or inspire deacons, deacon candidates or deacon wives; that emphasize the cultivation of the interior life for deacons; and that builds community within the diaconate. 

Please submit only one article at a time and ensure that it is in its final form. Review drafts are not accepted. Thank you.

We accept submissions at the following lengths: 600 words, 1,200 words, 1,500 words, and 2,000 words (our In Focus, written on one topic with multiple components). Payment varies based on length.

Regarding submissions:

The Deacon is a magazine dedicated to the diaconate. Because of this, its content has a specific focus. Consequently, we only print those submissions that speak of the deacon’s relationship to, identity in, and mission with Christ the Servant. This focus on Christ the Servant gives the diaconate its distinctive contribution to the life of the Church and, because of this, is the only content suitable for publication. In this regard, it’s not enough for a deacon to submit an article describing his ministry. He must submit it describing how his own diaconate, his own understanding of Christ the Servant, is expressed in that ministry. 

In addition, submissions must be:

  • Relevant to the diaconate, containing a specific angle for that demographic
  • Faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church 
  • Well-written and well-edited
  • Crafted with a charitable tone
  • Original in content (not plagiarized) 
  • Not previously published, either in print or online

Things to know:

  •  Please include at the bottom of each article a short, one-sentence bio.
  •  Please include at the top of each submission your preferred mailing address as well as your email address.
  • Writers are paid upon publication
  • We generally follow AP and Catholic News Service Style (found at
  • We do not accept poetry or fiction
  • The Deacon is published six times a year
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.